What is Love Anyway?

Quoting from Werner Erhard – “Love is granting another the space to be the way they are and the way they are not. ”

Simple and profound.

We can accept friends.

We can accept strangers easily.

We can accept colleagues easily.

We can accept most relatives easily

Can we accept loved ones as easy?

When we can accept most people who do not matter in the actual sense, then why can we not accept those who really matter? We want to change them. We want to correct them. We get upset when they do not act, think or do, the way we want to.

When we can accept them the way they are, then there is no question of upset. There is no question of judgement. There is no question of anger.

What is more funny is that we think we are doing for their own good. I admit, we need to let them know if they are going on the wrong path. Especially if they are children. But do we have to do the same for adults.

Can we not disagree with the way they are but still love them the same?

Is it my love or my ego winning over in this situation? I don’t know.

It is scary to think that I let my ego rule over the love.


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