“Luck Now”, When everything changed

LucknowGirl from small town India, down south, in the Nineties gets an appointment letter from a Bank. The place of posting is Lucknow, the capital of the state ,Uttar Pradesh.

What does she see?

She see the dawn of a new era.


Because the place of posting is Luck Now.

That Girl is me. The moment I saw the letter, I knew that things were going to change for the better.

I was frustrated back then. Job front was not looking good. I was in a dead end job or rather the world thought I was. I did a few experiments with my career which did not work out. I did not take the easy route but tried something different. In hindsight, with all the wisdom accumulated, I am happy I did hear  myself and took all those non conventional steps. Back then, I did not have the benefit of the grey hair thinking.

All my friends were well placed by then. On the top of it, my parents, were frantic in their search for a “good match”. I was not very happy with their frustration. We did not have the much evolved Internet back then, otherwise I would have done a Indhuja Pillai Ad

National Center for Software Technology, conducted a test and the results were sent to few Government organizations. From that list, the companies could select a few and offer postings. When I applied or cleared the exam, I had no idea, where and which organization would find my profile suitable. I was expecting somewhere closer to the South. I had absolutely no inkling, that an Organization, in a place like Lucknow, would send me an offer letter.

Lucknow till then was only a place we read in Social Studies. But for the posting, I would never have gone to the place. Having a keen interest in history, I knew it for the Nawabs, and also because Sarojini Naidu was posted as the first Governor of Lucknow.

If I was sold out on the place more than the job, it was for two reasons. For me the name of the place meant that my life was going to start over again. I knew that this place is going to play an important part in my life. It was as they premonition of the future.

My parents were hesitant at first to send me all the way from the dusty plains of Deccan to the plains of the North. It took some time for them to be convinced. It helped that,  I did not give them much of a choice. A practical but very important factor that helped in my favor was having a direct train from my home town to Lucknow. it took 24 hours yes, but then you could just reach the place without any change of trains.

Loosing the appointment letter, right before the joining, added to the drama. Eventually, I joined the Bank in Lucknow. And now for the icing, I met my future husband there. He did not come galloping on the proverbial horse, but on a Bajaj Chetak.

This is a post written for  https://housing.com/lookup – a moment of optimism.

PS: So much for anonymity. Anyone who knows our story, will recognize me 🙂


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