I cannot fire others with my dreams, #Life

I cannot fire others

With my dreams

No matter how much I try.

They just could not get

What I was seeing

In my mind’s eye.

How could they?

When they do not see

Even the seed

Or have a feel

For the taste of the fruit.

I needed to Persist

I needed to Persevere

I needed to Nourish

While the seed grew

Started to flower

And the bees came.

Then they got it

And came in droves.

It is not anyone’s mistake that they cannot see our ideas. It is just that they are so abstract sometimes, that it is difficult to expect for others to see what we are seeing. Do not get frustrated if no one else seem to “get it”. Keep on working and the the promise of the fruits appear, things might get more concrete for others to appreciate.


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