Thank You, My Dear Son, #Motherhood

Thank You, My Dear Son

For making me a Mother.

You are the only one

Who can make me brawl and bawl.

You can make me brawl

With anyone, when I see you hurt.

Bawl away in public too

Without a second thought.

I enjoyed the kicks

With your teeny legs

When you were in my tummy.

I enjoyed your first walk

In your squeaky slippers

When you wondered

Where the sound was coming from.

I am proud

Of the strength in your almost teenaged legs

When you kick me now

In a mock fight.

I also know

That these legs

Will one day take you

Far and Wide

When I need to cut

My Umblical chord

And let you fly.

When you came home crying

After your friend hit you

I wanted to protect you

From every hurt in the world.

It hurt me to know that I cannot

That you will have to learn

On your own.

You became my teacher

When you told me that

You want to grow up Happy.

I said and will say

Amen to that.

PS: I am a feminist but I only have a son.


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