Power Saved is Power Produced, #GoGreen

I grew up in a coal mining town which had about 3 power stations. I have seen first hand the kind of pollution power generation from coal creates. Admit there are more cleaner ways of generating power today. But even these so called cleaner generation of power create their own issues.That is a much debatable subject.

When I hear about electric cars being clean and green, my first thought is – Clean for who?

For the city dweller who is so far removed from the production process, that he has no knowledge of what it takes. Remember when we save power it is equivalent to producing that much.

Without sounding too preachy, let us all try and save power as much as we can without inconveniencing ourselves. We can take small steps – like switching off the lights/electric gadgets when not necessary. Running the washing machine less – that is less change of clothes. Small things like those which can add up.

I found an excellent article on the many ways we can save power here.

Let us learn to do more with less.

Inspire us with the many ways you save power.


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