All Strength Comes From Within, #Inspiration, #Books

AOJLNever give up in the face of your own weakness. Never think that you cannot do something because you are a woman, for example, or that you are all alone. This is negative thinking. Don’t do that to yourself. Do your best and then surrender all your actions and their fruits to the Almighty, the Lord of Life. Pray to him, to the innermost dweller within yourself:

“Give me the strength so that I can endure this. Give me the strength so that I am successful. Give me the strength so that I don’t forget you. If you ask for that, you’ll gain strength. All strength really comes from within; the outside world inspires, but strength comes from within.”

From The Art of Joyful Living by Swami Rama.

So true. It is so easy to fight the weakness outside ourselves. We can fight weakness ,or percieved as such,  in the society, the family, the world easily. The enemy is outside. But what about the weakness within. First it is difficult to identify and accept the weakness within. That itself is winning the first battle. Then overcoming it is the next step.

As the hair grows grey, I am increasingly seeing that my battle is with myself. With my weaknesses. Whether it is as mundane as procrastination, or eating healthy, or as profound as having faith in God. All of these are much more difficult to overcome as I need to fight with myself.

Strength to overcome those also come from within. Reading inspires, talking to people inspires, quotes inspires, music inspires. Calm and clarity give strength. And these are attributes that come from within. World around is abound with inspiring people, inspiring anecdotes, but the strength, the willingness to take action comes from within.

This line has inspired me to take action on my weaknesses. To take action on my goals. To understand that I was standing in my own way.

I have just started reading the book and every line is a gem. Will come back and share more thoughts as I read.

Share what inspired you the most today.


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