Dad, when will you become a star? #Parenting

This is the conversation between the four year old son and the husband. They were talking about relations – Grand Father, Grand Mother, Uncles, Aunts etc. Husband’s father passed away before our son was born. My husband did not know how to tell a four year old about it.

Dad: Do you see the stars our there?

Son: Yes Dad, there are many.

Dad: Your Grand Father is also a star out there and he is always watching you. He loves you a lot. He will help you if you are in need.

After a few minutes of silence

Son: Dad, when will you become a star?

Silence. Smile. No answer.

Now he understands it all. One day few years later, he just came home and announced that his Grand Father has passed on to the other side. I do not know if I liked it that he lost the innocence and he understands death. It had to happen one day.


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