Perils of Pinging, #Humor, #Work, #Disruptive

Disclaimer: Not aimed at anyone. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

Disruptive seems to be the in thing right now. For me the word still carries a negative connotation. It is glamorous to declare everything as disruptive, and IM is disruptive technology. It has replaced email or walking over as the preferred means of communication.

Many of the younger corporate netizans do not know how life existed before the wide spread use of IM/Chat. For those of us who are ancient in the corporate world did know what life was before the constant beep. It does serve its purpose when interactive communication is required.

Couple of incidents that happened to me on IM.

1. There are those who are over courteous.

Me to XYX : Hi XYX, I need a quick confirmation on blah blah blah)

XYX : Hi Varnam

XYX: Good morning.

And then I realize, I lost my manners and

Me: Hi XYZ Good Morning

XYZ: How are you?

Me: I am good. How about you?

All this time my impatience meter is running.

Me: Can you ple let me know about blah…… – the same thing I had pinged in the first.

XYZ. Oh yes, and blah blah blah.

This happens when XYZ and me are not friends, not even mere acquaintance either. We are just colleagues who interact once in a while.

2. “Hi” does not tell me anything: All conversations start with hi. That is courtesy. Yes, but until you respond to the hi, you do not know why  they pinged you in the first place. This happened to me once.

XYX To Me at 9pm on Friday evening : Hi

I obviously did not respond because I was not online. More importantly I am not expected to be connected at that point in time. So I did not respond.

Monday morning, I get an email – that a particularly important question was pending clarification because I did not respond. How am I supposed to know what their hi meant?

How am I supposed to know that whatever they meant was important?

I am also guilty of doing the same mistake, just saying hi and not saying what I need. So changed my IM style from then on. I almost always ping the reason why I am contacting the other person. I also send an email before or after the IM.

3. The next one is when I sent the email and also tried to follow up with XYZ who has cultivated the perception of being a busy person. The underline says it all.

Me to XYZ: Hi XYZ, blah blah blah is my question. I have sent you an email also on the same 2 days back.

XYZ immly: hi, will look and respond.

XYZ : brb

XYZ 2 hours later : ttyl

I do not get an answer over email or the IM. Every time I ping,  I will get brb (be right back) or ttyl (talk to you later).

4. Grammer, spellings are passe. Abbreviations, short forms are in.

XYX to me: So will you come with your fly?

No response from me because I did not understand the sentence.

It took a while to dawn on me what a fly was. XYZ meant family. I felt smaller than a fly of course and realized it was more to do with being more ancient than Harappan civilization.

The only smiley I use in my conversations is 🙂


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