Apple, The Frequent Flyer, #GoGreen

Apple, in 80’s India was a chalky story. They were always brought if you were visiting a sick person in a hospital or visiting a relative who needs to be impressed. Apple carts would actually be found only in front of the hospitals and bus stands/train stations. The apples had to do all the journey from the Apple country of The Himachal/Kashmir to the dusty plains of the south.

They would sitting endlessly on the carts as they were expensive , the juice dried up during the process and what we had was a semi dried apples with pulp that was a cross between chalk and pulp.Eating apples was a punishment not a nourishment by any standards. Visitors to sick or healing would invariably get them. And when the sick ate the apples, they actually felt worse.

I could never understand the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, given the relation with the hospital and lack of taste. I do not know the fate of apples in small towns now, though we are treated to good juicy ones in cities. It is an altogether different point that apples now are airlifted from across the world.

Apple tops the Environmental Working Groups Dirty Dozen list in the usage of pesticides. Though the tests are mostly US based, one can safely assume the situation is not much different across the globe. In addition to the heavy pesticide use there is  the whole story of the wax on the apples might be the secret for the juicy apples even after shipping from one corner to another. They would have clocked couple of thousand air miles before landing in our mouths. Wax acts as a preservative and the more we look for shining and blemish free fruits, the more is the incentive for the producer to coat them up.

We have stopped eating apples after knowing about the pesticide use and also about their air miles. Will eating a waxed, pesticide ridden apple a day keep the doctor away? I am not sure. But I do not want to take chances eating them.  We have reduced the consumption of fruits to the organic fruits grown locally from known sources.


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