7 Steps to Nirvana, #Humor

7i3 Steps to success.

Bliss in 5 steps.

11 tips for a productive you.

Is it with the popularity of self help or because we want to have a fool proof plan, we find that everything can be achieved within 3 to 11 steps. The moment we see the number, we think the goal is  achievable. I also noticed that none of these posts spell the number. It is always a number. I think putting out the number in the title gets the maximum effect. Spelling it out makes it look difficult.

Three steps to success

Bliss in Five steps

Eleven tips for a productive you

See the difference. Spelling the number is not as effective as the number itself. Though  both of them mean the same thing. And if it has this kind of influence on me who is conscious and writing about it. Then I can only imagine the effect it has on the discerning reader. I think I found a topic that warrants research and a citation.

It is not to say that the goal is not achievable or that the steps or tips listed are not genuine. They are. The authors must have had some level of success at least when they wrote it out. They genuinely believe in the steps working. Otherwise one cannot  write compelling posts which makes us believe and occasionally get off the couch and start taking the steps. I also believe that if it helped at least one person in one situation, the purpose of the article is met.

Coming to the title of the post. I do not know the steps to Nirvana. The title was just something that was playing in my mind for sometime. All I know that Nirvana is personal. I will try to put some steps just to justify the heading.

1. What does Nirvana mean for you? The image that comes to my mind and to most who follow to the Hindu way of life, is that of a calm and serene yogi. He is in a constant state of bliss. It is another matter that the seekers of Nirvana, like me, do not let him stay calm. We pester him about everything. And even if he is ready to part with the secrets of Nirvana, we first want to know more about the mundane things in life. Will I pass my exam? Can I buy this house etc etc.

For that moment, the mortal soul’s Nirvana is overcoming, the immediate problem in hand. This is the scene that keeps playing in my mind:

God: “Varnam, I will give you Nirvana. The only condition is that you should listen to me first and only then ask questions.”

Me: “God, I will listen to you. But first tell me when will my loan be approved?”

God understands that for now my Nirvana is the loan approval. He also knows that if he comes back after 5 years, Nirvana would be how I would pay back the loan.

On a serious note, my definition of Nirvana is to do what gives me the most happiness at that point in time. If your God is in Gucci, go buy it. That is Nirvana.

2. Once we know what is Nirvana, even if it is ever changing, next step is to achieve it. This is the last and final of the seven steps. I know, I  said 7 and ended at second.  Because 2 to 7 are doing steps. Steps to do to achieve your definition of Nirvana.

Right now, my Nirvana is getting a few, nah, loads of likes on my Nirvana post. Will you please help me achieve it?

This post going viral 🙂 is better than Nirvana for me, for today.


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