God Let it Rain, #Life

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When it rains, I feel Heaven is pouring its blessing on Earth. For the parched souls and the parched earth it is heaven’s gates opening. Whenever I feel I am in trouble, when the task at hands needs intervention at the highest level, I look for rain. For me rain gives the assurance that the big hand or the universe or God has taken the matter into their hands. They are going to get things moving and I just need to wait and trust that things will work out.

Rain also soaks the blessings from the elders who passed on. It is through rain that their thoughts, their blessings come down and give us hope. Rain to me means hope. Hope that things will start going right. So God, open your gates, give us your blessings, give us hope – give us Rain.

And when it rains on a sea – it is a sight to behold.  The phrase heaven meets earth is truly felt at that moment. The rain drops bouncing back like a wave and the sheets of water as it gets heavier – can man ever make anything more magnificent than that. The mightiest of the man made creature bow humbly before the magnificence of God’s play. I do admire and am awed by man’s creations – but nature is divine. You can feel God in this interplay of water, sun and sand.

Then there is lightening. It is the fuse that connects heaven and earth. Bright as a blessing,  Fleety as a thought having practically infinite energy – waiting to be tapped. Thunder is like God talking. Low rumbles at one time, sudden uproar at another, scary to some, pleasing to other.

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