"Special for me this Moment", Private Reality, #Spiritual, #Books

I remember reading in one Ravindranath Tagore’s books which goes something like  – The sun rises and sets everyday as it had been doing for ages now. Similarly a lotus blooms everyday as it had been doing for ages. But every time you see it – you feel that this event is special and that it is happening only for you.

How true.  How many times have we seen a rainbow or a butterfly sitting on a flower and amazed by it?  Felt that we are the only ones who is recipient of the marvels of nature. As if it is happening in the confines of our homes, not privy to anyone else. All of us must have seen it many times and still get enchanted the same. I was just thinking about it and felt that anything connects us with our roots, our gut feeling feels the same. You feel the same “special for me this moment” feeling – when your little one is sleeping peacefully by you – no matter how many times you have done that before.

Nature has that built in freshness that lasts forever. No matter how many rains you have seen – the first rain of the season still enchants the same. The sweet smell of mud lingers the same. I can go on and on – the smell of jasmines wafting in summer. This might explain why children can never tire themselves of playing in water, mud and rain. But the most expensive of toys will loose their charm after few sessions of play.

Of course, nature has the other side – the fury that can feel as privately heart wrenching as uplifting the sweet side is. That is Virtual Private Hell.


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