Prosperity and Money Plant, #Humor

Disclaimer: This is not a post that will tell you how to be rich in 30 days – how to earn 6-10 figure income (go figure the currency) etc. etc. This is a tried and tested formula to get all round prosperity for generations.

Now here is the cat out of the bag – you do not need to wait. you do not need to slog. you do not need to dream. In fact you do not need to do anything but steal.

Yes sir, you need to steal. Beg, borrow or steal – yes that steal, rob. Of course, I know that to rob a bank or a museum or anything you need to work a lot more than if you earned it. So we are not talking about it. You just need to steal the branch of a plant – a money plant.

Well – what is money plant. Botanical name is Crassula. If you are from India – you would know what it is. The belief that most of us Indians have is that you should get a stem of money plant from your neighbour without their knowledge – in plain words steal. Then you plant it in your house and money grows as the plant grows.

I don’t know how much of it is true. But I planted one by siphoning off a branch and took good care of it. It is now a healthy creeper and I hear comments like – ” money plant is growing well in your house. You must be having lots of it – (both leaves and money) of course”.

My answer “I pray your wish comes true”. I am not sure why the countless abundance teachers all over the web have not caught on this simple secret to riches.


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