Of Prayer and Being Sincere, #Spiritual

In my view Prayer and Sincere are synonyms. This is why – prayer is the most sincere thing a human being does. When you are praying in joy or in sadness – you are relinquishing yourself and praising or asking God. You are realizing that there is something that is more powerful than you and releasing your control to that powerful being – the Almighty. The same when you are expressing thanks to God when you are happy.

My experience has been that I had been utmost sincere and honest when I pray. And now to the other side – being sincere. I just think back to the times when I have sincerely asked some one for help – without any prejudice in my mind – without expecting a refusal – it always comes through. People end up helping you – or doing the service you request without any hesitation.

Same goes with helping others – when you help someone sincerely without any ill intentions in your mind – without any expectations – it always benefits the other person and it always gives you the utmost satisfaction. It does not matter how much or how little  you do.

I have experienced this many times at work, in life, with relations, with friends, with coworkers. Though I had always had these thoughts in my mind, putting it down gave me a clarity of thought. Now my motto is – Be Sincere in whatever you do.

I wrote this long time back for myself. Found it today when I was consolidating all my scribbles on the blog. I needed this reminder today of all times. I need to remind myself the joy, the happiness and the power of a prayer and being sincere.


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