Ancient wisdom – True forever, #Heritage

Sumathi Satakam – are a set of 100 poems composed around 1100-1200 AD in Telugu by Bammera Potana. They contain moral values that we ought to live by in simple words. They are true today as much as they were when they were written. And what more – they are globally applicable.

I will present one such which describes how we can create hell and heaven on earth in our life time.

Tana kopame tana shatruvu (your anger is your enemy)
Tana shantame tanaku raksha(your peace protects you)
Daya chuttambou(your kindness is your well wisher)
Tana santoshame swargamu(in your happiness is heaven)
Tana dukhame narakam andu(in your sadness is your hell)
Satyamu sumathi(this is true )

Need I say more.


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