Schools and Admissions – the Eternal Dilemma, #Parenting

PS: This is not aimed at any one please.
 Which school are you putting your son/daughter in? The most common question you hear during admission period. And with more employees of the young IT industry – coming of age – that is having children in the 3 to 4 year range – this is the big topic among the middle aged (in IT time lines). This becomes more if you fall in any of the below categories:
  1. You are working in the Technology industry with some of the best pay packages. This means that you can afford to send you kid to International schools or Academy’s whose fees is more than the gross salary of a senior employee on the verge of retirement in any Government sector.
  2. You have visited some of the so-called first world countries and are enamored by their education sector. 
  3. As if 1&2 are not enough – you have access to Internet. That means you can search and read/agonize over reviews by other parents of schools. Can throw questions in some R2I forums.
  4. And now adding the garam masala to the mix – you also want your kid to have some traditional exposure – read reciting some verses of Bhagawad Gita with an English accent.
  5. And now the fire – you are also interested in Alternate methods of education. Home schooling is of course ruled out – the books and syllabus today is nowhere near to what we middle-aged folks learnt.
Now let me tell you a little secret – we were one of the folks that had actually satisfied all the 5 criteria and more. So you can understand the agony we had to go through in selecting the school. Finally, some practical sense dawned on us. We are after all looking for a school to send our kid to – some kindergarten school. If we have given birth to a CV Raman or Nobel – he will shine through. If he is mediocre – then we will do him and ourselves a favor by not subjecting to the rigor of prestigious institutions. And the criteria we looked for came down to
  1. It should be near home. With Bangalore or any city in India – the traffic being what it is – the lesser the commute time the better.
  2. It should be on the way to at least one parent’s work place – because we will invariably miss the school bus on multiple occasions.
  3. It should have a decent sized play ground. I am not talking acres here.
  4. The school fees should not be more than at least one earning member’s income.
  5. And last but not least – the timings for kindergarten should start decently late – that is after 9.30am. This is because we did not want him to miss his breakfast – or more importantly ours J

And yes, we did find a school that met all the above 5 criteria. And till date it has served fairly well. We still manage to go to school on time or decently late – about 15 minutes late – which makes it 10.15 – which makes it midday for the early rising schools.


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