Conference Call Personalities, #Humor, #Work

In today’s age conference calls have become the norm at work. They link people with different time zones, personalities and sensibilities. This is a humorous take on a few personalities that we encounter in conference calls. 


Big Picture Babu – This is the guy who sees the big picture in everything even when there is nothing big. He will always start with –   “Let us take a step back and look at the big picture  ………”

Delete everything Donald – Well, I must have accidentally deleted the document.Actually they will not admit to that. What you hear instead is that the laptop crashed and had to be reformatted.

Can you pls resend me all the emails relating to the project. – And he is key person for the project. So what is the status of the project – God only or rather Donald also does not know.

“But’s “ Bunty – Well there will always be this one person who will always start with “But – if we do this – then …..”

Concluding King – His opening statement will be – To conclude …. Yada yada yada. Most of the others who have been on mute have configured their phones to give an alarm when they hear this phrase. He/she sums up for everyone and everything – in his/her domain or not.

Can you hear me – This guy’s phone never works. The only thing you can hear is “Can you hear me now” and by the time you say Yes – you can hear cars buzzing, baby wailing, pressure cooker whistle – depending on the time of the day.

Rumour Raju – This one gets all the unofficial news first. Like the fact that there will be a delay in the project by 3 months or that the change approval did not go through and we will be discussing the same issues again in the next year.

Format King: This person is keen on the font/formatting of the meeting minutes than on the content. He is busily changing the font instead of taking down notes during the meetings. He will not hesitate to stop an important discussion to ask – which font will look good in web conferences.



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