Saying Sorry, #Life

Today when my husband reached home after dropping me, he was welcomed by a strong scent of burning. Our 5 year old electric rice cooker is not working well. It is always in the  keep warm mode. So I push it with a spoon and once cooking is done, remove it. Today I forgot to remove the spoon.

Long story short, my husband’s lunch was burnt. Normally I would go to the defensive when told about this. This would cause fiction and I would be replaying the situation and many historic ones in my mind.  But today I have done something differently. I said “Sorry”. It was really my mistake. I should have at least told him about the spoon thing. I should have swapped it for a new one. I could have done done many different things which could have prevented the lunch from burning.

All that is not important. What was important was that accepting my mistake relieved me. And what could have caused heart burn, instead became a non issue. He salvaged what he could and assured me that he will make something else instead.

My husband always told me that accepting my mistakes was very difficult for me. This is especially true with family. I never agreed to that of course. I always found a hundred excuses which led me to make the mistake in the first place. Today for the first time I realized that.

I will strive to reducing my mistakes or not making any. But if I do, I will not hesitate to apologize. 




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